There is NOTHING I Love More Than A Crisis

Well, let me put that in context. Every now and then I take time to reflect on recent months, the wins, the failures, what I could have done differently and how I’ll apply what I learned to the future. And I recently came across some journal entries that helped me realize what this past year solidified for me. I am most productive in times of crisis. I can’t avoid it.

Often times when I am considering new ideas, projects, or changes to help grow my business, I find myself falling into negative self-talk. I find myself thinking, “My staff can’t handle that”… “I can’t serve that.” … “I don’t have time for that”…”I can’t invest in that”… or my favorite, “I can’t do that, I’m a Mexican Restaurant”.

Yet when I look back at this past year, I did things I never thought possible. I got A LOT done. And not just low value projects.

I changed my business for the better.

And I’ve come to realize that I regularly limit myself by putting myself and my business in a box. A box I am sometimes unable to break through until my back is against the wall.

Why is this? In a crisis, I feel like I have PERMISSION to think outside the box. I won’t be scrutinized if I color outside the lines. I feel confident to apologize first and ask permission second. I act as though my life, my family, my livelihood is on the line. And WOW, do I perform well.

All the unessential things are stripped away, the daily distractions don’t matter, the busy work is gone and all that is left is and laser-like focus. My senses are heightened, the margin of error is smaller and my instincts come alive. It’s exciting.

When my back is against the wall, I have the clarity to focus on only the MOST important projects and the motivation to overcome challenges and take massive action. I love that clarity because it only leaves one direction to go… away from the wall.

So I ask myself, how do I replicate that? How do I ‘mimic’ crisis mode, that fight or flight response that catapults my productivity and takes my business to the next level and drives me to my full potential?

Part of the solution is simple, but it requires discipline. Time and project management isn’t rocket science, but it starts with YOU. The simple answer no one wants to hear.

Spend your time on the highest value activities FIRST. The activities that will generate more sales. That will gain you new customers. That will garner new strategic partnerships. That will keep you relevant in the marketplace. And hold yourself accountable. THEN REPEAT.

If you start your day with $10/hour tasks, that’s probably how you’ll end your day too. In the last edition of this EZ Profit Report, Edition 2 provided some tips on how to hold yourself accountable. I’d encourage you to take a moment and review that last Edition.

I’ve also realized that this past year I listened and relied on others more, and it produced results. I listened INTENTLY to everything my customers said. I surveyed them more. I interacted with them personally (electronically.) By contrast, when my business is running well and all “seems” well, their comments have less urgency for me. This past year? Many of the things I implemented to survive came directly from them. One idea (selling pancakes) was worth over $62,000 in sales.

Would I have considered selling pancakes in any other situation? Probably not. Remember…I’m a Mexican Restaurant. But in a crisis, my mind is more open to new ideas.

And so moving forward, I am going to operate differently. I won’t allow my business to be defined or limited by a box. I will work on high value tasks first. I will have a formal process to be held accountable. I will listen to ideas from my staff and my customers. I’ll survive, flourish and grow like never before.

And I’ll operate as if every moment is an intersection of the last 20 years of learning –and I will draw on every single tool I’ve learned and put them all into action. The week after the nation was shut down, the Platinum Elite Accountability Groups began holding weekly Zoom calls. This is when I began leaning and relying on others more. These weekly calls not only became a laboratory for idea creation, but they also provided moral support and cheer leading all wrapped into one.

Since then, I’ve had hours and hours of personal calls with Platinum Elite Members – asking advice, receiving moral support, getting clarity. I was able to hear firsthand what was happening all over the country as different regions grappled in different stages… and I used that information to MY advantage. The experiences from across the nation served as a collective knowledge database that was simply invaluable.

Being alone – flapping in the wind – is a terrible feeling and isn’t something one can endure for long periods. And it is surely a clear disadvantage.

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