90 Million Moms in North America And EVERY SINGLE ONE Of Them Needs A Mother’s Day Gift

If I asked you how much money is spent on Mother’s Day each year, what would be your answer? If you came in close to $35 Billion, you’d be spot on. And that’s only in the USA. Yes, Mother’s Day is BIG money with consumers buying gifts like jewelry, clothing, electronics, spa treatments, and flowers.

Here’s another statistic that might surprise you: According to the National Retail Federation, in 2023 consumers planned to spend a record $274.02 per person on average for Mother’s Day. Would you have guessed the number was that high? I know I wouldn’t have.

Why are we telling you this? If celebrating Mom’s Month is not on your marketing calendar, call your Coach right away and start to plan how you will get your piece of the pie. And at Royalty Rewards®, when we say, “your piece of the pie”, we don’t mean a one-day special or measly discount valid only for the weekend. Our campaigns are run the entire month of May and are designed to peak interest, create buzz, AND create a memorable experience for all your customers.

Let me start with a story. I have a lot of plants (so many that I’ve lost count). My daughter does not share my love of plants (yet!) and she even complains about them all the time. But guess what I got for Mother’s Day last year? A plant! And whenever I look at that plant, it reminds me of my daughter and the thought she put into getting me something to make me feel special. This plant means so much to me, I affectionately call it Nancy. Why am I telling you this? You can give this type of experience to your customers. 

My Mother’s Day plant (and very cute Cow planter) sits in a place of honor on my mantel.

Here’s all the ways you can get a piece of the Mother’s Day spending frenzy:

Jewelry. What Mom wouldn’t love some bling?  With a premium campaign, instead of giving away a certificate for an item at your business, the giveaway is an item of value to your customers. For Mom’s Month? A necklace. This year, we’ve sourced beautiful, high-quality necklaces to make this campaign a success. Ready to take it up a notch? Bundle it with a rose, and another item from your business (like a free dessert, a free scarf, or a discounted oil change.) There’s lots of ideas in the EZ Profit Report so go check it out! Call your Coach for details.

Plants. I might be biased because I’m an unapologetic Green Thumb Mama, but this is one of my favorite Sales Boost Campaigns we offer. A great way to run this promotion is to partner with a local greenhouse or flower shop and negotiate a rate that makes this a no brainer. But make sure you start NOW. These types of businesses are already planning their purchasing for May. Call your Coach for details.

Story Telling & Social Media. These types of holidays make for GREAT CONTENT. Over the next few months, collect stories and memories of “The Moms of <Your Business>”. Provide staff and customers with a unique opportunity to shine the light on THEIR Mom, by sharing a story or special memory.  Then share them on social media at a regular interval. If the contributor isn’t shy, include a pic. This could be as simple as giving your customers a card that already has “I love my mom because” and have them fill out the rest (allow anonymous entries or tags for recognition)!

  • Source: NRF’s 2023 Mother’s Day Spending survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. 
Top 3 Mother’s Day Gifts (by purchasing %) How can you incorporate these Top Gifts into Mom’s Month at your business?