A Turnkey “Turkey” Tradition For Your Business

The topic of creating traditions in your business leads us to our next message: If you don’t participate in our annual Thanksgiving Sales Boost Campaign, now is the time to try it. Yes, all our Sales Boost Campaigns are guaranteed to produce a great ROI for your business, but the Thanksgiving Sales Boost Campaign is one of our MOST SUCCESSFUL Sales Boost Campaigns EVER. The reason why can be broken down 3 ways.

#1, the WHY. Simple. It’s a genuine way to say, “I appreciate you. Thank you for being my loyal customer.” And this message of Thanksgiving gratitude becomes even more powerful when paired with a compelling offer. With this campaign, we encourage you to work with your Coach, pull out all the stops and create an offer your customers will perceive as special and genuine (a premium gift, a bundle of services or products, an exclusive member only offer). This campaign helps us strengthen the EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with our customers and enhances their CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

#2, the WHEN. It puts you ahead of the curve. It’s one of the FIRST greetings of thanks and appreciation your customers receive this holiday season and sets you apart from the clutter that fills their lives as they prepare for the Christmas season. And it elicits pleasurable emotions and feelings. Our customers are just starting to experience all the emotions and feelings that come hand in hand with the start of the holiday season, and we want them to tie THOSE feelings of gratitude, joy, nostalgia and serenity with YOU. 

In 2021, this version produced $18,831,28 in sales and a total ROI of $13 to $1 for one Royalty Rewards® Merchant.

#3, the HOW. It can also EXPLODE your Gift Certificate Sales (if you want it to). If you offer Gift Certificates for your business, this campaign will include a second special offer dedicated to promote gift certificate sales. Why does this Gift Certificate Offer work so well? Why do we encourage EVERY ONE of our merchants to offer it?

Everyone needs last minute gifts. Whether they’re for a friend who slipped their mind, the stylist, the mailman or dogwalker… and with a special offer on Gift Certificates, we can proactively SOLVE this problem so many of our customers have and grow our sales in a beneficial way. It’s like a FREE cash advance, just for YOUR business. How? On average, only 82% of the Gift Certificates sold this holiday will be redeemed!! And 18% NEVER will. That’s like a FREE cash advance, just for you. If you don’t already offer them, selling gift certificates should be on the TOP of your Wish List this year. This is also a great way to kickstart your January sales.

And if you don’t sell Gift Certificates? No problem. Gift Certificate sales don’t work in all businesses, we get it… the campaign is also available without this option.

Royalty Rewards® Merchants have been using this Thanksgiving campaign to skyrocket their Gift Certificate sales in the month of Thanksgiving, BEFORE the frenzy of Christmas buying in December, for over 15 years! In fact, one of our Merchants used this promotion to generate $66,585.00 in sales! Call your Royalty Rewards® Coach before October 12th and to ensure you have the best Thanksgiving yet.