“Act your way into relevancy. Don’t ask you way into relevancy.” – Richie Norton

Last year, consumers spent almost $35 Million Dollars on Back-to-School (BTS) shopping. Were any of YOUR sales counted in that MASSIVE amount of consumer spending? REGARDLESS of the type of business you have, now is the time to ensure you get a (bigger) piece of the pie this year. Before you go any further, start with these two steps.

1 - Create or Identify Your Relevance

If you sell traditional back to school items (think pencils and notebooks), great. If not, get creative and MAKE your business relevant TOO. Figure out what product, service or bundle you sell that fits (or that you can LEVERAGE to fit) into the back-

2- Identify Your Audience

Back to school shopping is NOT just for mom and dad. Teachers and other Educational Professionals, Kids, Teenagers, Grandparents, Uncles, Babysitters… all these types of consumers are involved in back-to-school spending. Which one(s) will spend at your business?

Next, use the ideas below to get your marketing mind working and leverage this once-a-year phenomenon. Or simply call your Coach. They have their pencils and notebooks ready… 1-888-353-5012.


Jumping on this bandwagon doesn’t mean you are limited to the products and services you offer. Leverage BTS awareness and incorporate it into your marketing with an old-fashioned giveaway. Brand new electronics? Kids love them and they are a PERFECT choice for your Grand Prize. Find a deal online or partner with a local electronics company. If you have other school related prizes, GREAT. If not, the rest can be incentives to return to your business on an additional visit. Easy next step? Call your Coach and coordinate a Scratch Campaign.

Target Educational Professionals

Find a way to attract this group of consumers and give them a ‘break’ for their return to the classrooms. Whether it’s a product bundle, a recurring discount, or a one-time free gift, create a compelling offer and find a way to get the message out. This could be as simple as creating a marketing piece and delivering it to the local schools to be distributed to their staff.

Limited-time Retail Incentives

Retailers have a leg up. According to the National Retail Federation, 64% of shoppers will shop for Back To School around sales. So create a compelling offer, build a sense of urgency, and get the word out using your Royalty Rewards® database. If it makes sense for your business, use four-walls marketing (ie signage), bring in snacks, and provide activities to occupy kids while parents shop.

Car Care For Students & Automotive Bundles

Back To School means LOTS of driving, NEW drivers, NEW vehicles and an overall need for reliable transportation. Can you offer free workshops for new drivers? How to change a tire? How to check the oil? What service bundles can you create? Back To School Safety Inspection or Oil Change Package for college students? Family vehicles get THRASHED during summer. A Detailing Package? Or partner with a mobile detailer and build a special event, every Saturday in July.

Shopping Spree Specials

Are you a Restaurant trying to build weekday lunch sales during summer? Offer a limited-time promotion inviting families to stop in for lunch after their shopping spree. “Show us your school supplies and get a FREE Lunch Entree valued to $15.00!”. Remember, kids don’t shop (or eat) alone. 


Find a local business you can partner with and create an offer for cross promotion. For every $50.00 spent at the local bookstore, receive a $15.00 off Certificate for your business. And vice versa.