All A Dad Needs Is Some Duct Tape and A Paperclip

If you’ve been with Royalty Rewards® for some time, then you’ve probably heard us talk about our famous Duct Tape Campaign. Year after year, this campaign continues to surprise and delight and is proven time and time again to skyrocket sales in June!

With the ‘basic’ version of the campaign, merchants give out a free roll of duct tape to every Dad that visits in the month of June. But if you’re looking to kick it up a few notches, one of the best stories we heard was about a merchant who gave Dads a chance to break out their  inner MacGyver!

Every DAD who visits in the month of June gets a FREE roll of Duct Tape. And they LOVE it! Call your Coach to get started!

 The challenge? Make the BEST tie using DUCT TAPE. All they did was give each Dad a roll of Duct Tape and let them get creative (they even supplied paperclips to act as tie clips!). It was a major hit with their customers. They displayed all the ties around the business and every customer had a chance to vote for the winners. If you try this, make sure to post about it on your social media platforms, and share the award-winning ties with your customers by sending out an Email On Demand (your Coach can do this for you!). 

Interested in the duct tape campaign? We’ve already done the work to find you the best deals on Duct Tape – all you need to do is call your Coach to get started!

Pick A Tie, Get A Prize

If Duct Tape isn’t a fit for your business, you can still incorporate ties another way. Longtime Royalty Rewards® Merchant Alfie’s Restaurant got a selection of ties (some planted with an ‘extra prize’) and hung them around their business. Then, Rewards

Members were invited to come in and pick a tie and win! It’s a fun twist on a classic Father’s Day Gift. The beauty of this promotion is it’s super simple and works for any business! Prizes could be a free dessert, free set of wipers, or free set of golf balls. You could even get really creative and offer prizes like “King For A Day” and give them a crown to wear while they are dining or “Tire Inspector Extraordinaire” and give them a tire gauge and a name tag with their new title. This is a great promotion to get your staff involved as well.