Cash Creator Calendar™ 2024

On the topic of appreciation, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank YOU, our loyal customers, for your partnership with Royalty Rewards®. Our team is committed to increasing the return on your marketing investment and are firm believers in the power of planning and measuring your goals. To show our appreciation and help remind you of our commitment to you all year long, we have sent you the 2024 Cash Creator Calendar™. This tool is designed to help you, with the support of your Coach, create a turbo-charged marketing plan to increase your sales and profits in 2024.

What happens next?  Your Royalty Rewards® Coach is ready and waiting to start planning your 2024 Marketing Calendar following a very simple formula (and in manageable chunks of one quarter at a time).

Here is the 4-step process they will walk you through:

Look Back

First, review 2023 monthly sales to identify slow periods and to identify where to focus your marketing efforts in 2024. 

Look Forward

Next, determine what marketing campaigns you will repeat and new opportunities you will take advantage of in 2024.

Set Goals

Now, armed with insight from 2023 and a marketing plan for 2024, you’re ready to set your 2024 monthly sales goals.

Action Plan

You’re ready to move forward! Your Royalty Rewards® Coach is here to help with all the heavy lifting!

While it may seem daunting to set aside the time to work on your Marketing Calendar, it is CRITICAL to your success in 2024. When you reach the enclosed Marketing Toolbox, you can read about newsletter contributor Bent Hansen’s (owner of Los Gringos Locos in La Cañada, CA) experience with the Cash Creator Calendar™. For Bent, it was a ‘lightbulb’ moment when he finally realized that Customers DO NOT wake up thinking about our businesses. It is US that need to REMIND them about our business and GIVE THEM A REASON to visit.

As a Business Owner, you are a MARKETER. And with Royalty Rewards® on your side, you have all the tools you need to build a successful and prosperous 2024 for you, your family, and your business. With that, we will leave you with two of our most favorite quotes, and a reminder to call your Coach at 1-888-353-5012 and start planning your 2024 Marketing Calendar today.

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." - Stephen Covey

"Dig the well before you thirst." - Chinese Proverb