Eight AI Solutions To Make Your Life Easier

Yes, we said AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are emerging at a rapid rate and while it may seem intimidating, these tools CAN BE used for good. They can make repetitious tasks easier and faster, and make tasks that were once expensive, more cost efficient. Here are some of recent AI creations that could make your life as a Business Owner a little easier.

AI For Writing

ChatGPT https://chat.openai.com/

JasperAI https://www.jasper.ai

Google Bard https://bard.google.com/

If you try nothing, try THIS. These writing tools can not only significantly help you improve your marketing copy, but they also help with ANY WRITING you need to do AT ALL.

Use it to create product descriptions, write marketing email copy, subject lines, social media content, craft special offers and targeted promotions for individual customer groups.

Give it a prompt and it will provide short or long form content that you can edit to suit your needs.

AI For Visual Content

Thumbly.AI – Creates video thumbnails for social media to catch your followers’ eyes as they scroll through content.

Stylized.ai – Creates high quality photos of your products or merchandise you sell.

AI For Content Recycling & Conditional Posting

FeedHive https://www.feedhive.com/


Creates a system for your social media content (ie Sales offers on Monday, inspirational content on Wednesday, and a short video on Friday). Schedule them to go out at the right time, in the right category.

AI For Training Videos

Pictory.ai https://pictory.ai/

Synthesys.io https://synthesys.io

Create simple and effective training videos for onboarding staff. Training is often time consuming and needs to be consistent. Training videos solve both of those issues.