Everything That Happened at Royalty Rewards® Live!

Wow! What an amazing day we had at Royalty Rewards® Live! If you were one of the decisive Business Owners who joined us in Minneapolis, thank you for your participation and contributions! If you were not able to join this time, check out these highlights and read on for an upcoming opportunity to experience a live Royalty Rewards® event.

Attendees were able to meet and learn from other successful Royalty Rewards® Merchants (even Platinum Elite Members!)

In case you didn’t hear, Royalty Rewards® Live! was a one-day FREE event for our clients designed to boost sales, increase staff engagement and maximize results from the Royalty Rewards® Program. And it didn’t’ disappoint! The attendees left motivated, focused and with more enthusiasm for what Royalty Rewards® (and their Coach) can do to grow their business.

For Business Owners, it’s CRITICAL to step away and work ON your business, instead of IN your business – and so there were a lot of “a-ha” moments. Not only did attendees get their questions answered and challenges solved in real time, but they also had lots of chances to interact and learn from each other.


And for the managers and key employees that joined, the roundtables were a highlight! Coach Tina and Coach Dina led small breakout groups and in this non-intimidating setting, staff members could ask questions and get clarity on managing the program from THEIR perspective. These staff members went home with a newfound appreciation of the program’s benefits to them and the knowledge to pass along to their teammates.

Coach Dina and Coach Tina spent one on one time with Merchants and staff answering questions and sharing their in-depth program knowledge.

Our events are designed to make you more productive and the program more effective while not adding to your workload (with help from your Coach!) If you are looking to speed up the rate of your success and supercharge your Royalty Rewards® Program, request a Test Drive to attend the Platinum Elite Mastermind Meeting in San Antonio this Oct 24th & 25th. Request your Test Drive at https://www.royaltyrewards.com/testdrive

What you focus on will improve. These attendees spent a day FOCUSED on finding ways to maximize the results from their Royalty Rewards® Program.

Royalty Rewards® Live! Success Story

As soon as she arrived back home, long time merchant, Stephanie Prochaska, Sales Manager at Cassill Motors, was already on the phone with her Coach! She walked away with so much insight, she was so excited and ready to start implementing what she discovered because of attending.

On her first follow-up call, Stephanie refreshed their signage, reviewed, and updated all their campaign offers, started planning to go cardless, AND turned-on quarterlies to encourage more visits. She also learned how to find her “top spenders” report so she can focus her marketing and make those customers feel valued.

All these tweaks will have a significant impact on the results of Cassill Motors’ program. Awesome Job Stephanie!