Four Good Reasons You Need A Newsletter

First and before you read ANY further, please withhold any preconceptions as you read the word ‘Newsletter’. In the case of this EZ Profit Report, we publish 6 times a year and with each edition we strive to include several articles, tools, and opportunities to help you maximize your Royalty Rewards® Marketing Program. For YOUR business, a ‘Newsletter’ will be much simpler. You do not have to compile loads of articles on a variety of topics, you simply need to speak to your customers in a specific way, about specific topic(s), and at a regular interval.

Second, although we would certainly do cartwheels in the street if you decided to print and mail a physical newsletter to your customers, your newsletter does not have to be in hard copy print (though how great would it be to have some inventory of ‘back issues’ in print available to read in your business?). An email newsletter is a perfectly acceptable way to incorporate this strategy into your marketing plan. And yes, we said marketing plan. A customer newsletter is an essential part of a business’s toolbox. Here’s why:


A DIRECT Line Of Communication

While social media is a great way to engage with your customers, you have no control over whether your followers (let alone paying customers) see your content or not. Not only do your posts end up lost in a sea of posts from other companies, but a social media presence that returns a decent ROI is a LOT of work, requiring constant attention and innovation.

Newsletters – whether emailed or mailed – end up DIRECTLY into the hands of your paying customers. By way of opting in to receive your communications, your customer has already said “Yes! Keep me in the loop.”, and if you follow our tips, your customers will WANT to read them! When you publish information that your customers value, your communications will be more likely to be opened and read and will serve as a continual reminder of your business to your customers.


Build Sales, Awareness & Engagement

While it’s critical your newsletter includes a variety of INTERESTING content that customers WANT to read (stories, jokes, games, community news etc.), it will also work to drive traffic and sales to your business. This can be a ‘slow burn’ approach, showcasing products or services and highlighting the benefits and value you provide, or (particularly as you build trust, interest and readership) can include targeted promotions and exclusive offers.

You can encourage customers to take specific actions – attend an event, visit your website, participate in a fundraiser, or even share your content. You can also ENGAGE your customers and encourage participation and interaction by including surveys, games, or contests.


Build Credibility & Trust

Your customers already know you are a professional business who REWARDS customers for their loyalty and communicates with them in a variety of ways. And with a business newsletter, you will create a platform to show them all the other amazing things you do.

You are an expert in your field. Your newsletter is an opportunity to showcase that expertise, write what you know, share your knowledge, and establish yourself and your business as the authority you are. What industry trends, advice, or educational content can you share with your customers? This can be as simple as sharing insight into the type of equipment/ingredients you use, or explaining why you do things a certain way, etc.


Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Yes, a business newsletter will keep you in touch with your customers on a regular basis. It will also provide an opportunity to “pull back the curtain” and let your personality shine. Our customers WANT to know the people behind the business – so share why and how you do things, updates about your business, staff successes and milestones, customer stories and testimonials. Consumers in this economy want to do business with people/businesses they know and trust – use a newsletter and become that business.

Ready to get started?
Here's some tips we've learned over the years to make your newsletter stand out.

Start Small. You do not have to kick off with a 4-page newsletter covering a variety of topics. It’s perfectly OK to start with a bit of content, perhaps one main article/story and go from there. You can also use groups of customers as a test. Your first edition does not have to be sent to your entire database, rather you might choose a smaller segment of top customers and see how they respond.

Make it Personal. No one wants to read an email that starts with, “Dear Loyal Customer” – use their name and use it often! Another great strategy we’ve mentioned is to show ‘behind the scenes’, whether that be insight into you the Owner, your staff, or even how things operate in the background. Customers LOVE this type of insight. It can go a long way to strengthening customer relationships.

Track, Track, Track. If you include any offers in your newsletter (and we recommend you do – this will entice readers to continue to open and read future communications), make sure you track any offers with a promo code. (Your Coach can provide promo codes for this purpose, or for some promotions you can use something fun like a “secret word” the customer needs to give you.)

Have Variety. As you craft your content, ask yourself “Do my customers WANT to read this?” A newsletter is a great way to share important info about your business, but it’s important to make it pleasurable to read for your customers. A good rule to follow is to use approximately one-third of content about your business and two-thirds more “light reading” (jokes, stories, etc.). The latter can still be about your business and could be some of your ‘behind the scenes’ content.

Use Testimonials! Testimonials can provide great filler, even for your existing customers. Don’t assume just because they are your customers that they don’t need to be reminded how awesome you are.

Don’t Be Boring! If you haven’t already read EZ Profit Report Edition 3, go back for ideas on how to keep your business FUN and carry that through to your communications.