Give Dads Something They Will ACTUALLY Use This Year

It’s not really fair to celebrate Moms but not Dads now, is it? And for the month of June, we have a fun promotion that works every time – Duct Tape! Yes, it sounds a little wacky… but that’s EXACTLY why it works.

And have some fun with it – we’ve had merchants who have done this promotion and had a “Duct Tape Tie” competition, where Dads had to create a tie out of their Duct Tape. Maybe you could have a MacGyver Skills Contest throughout the month of June and see who has them most creative or useful idea for Duct Tape. Share the results on your social media and via email – it’s a great way to keep your customers engaged all month long.



$43 to $1 ROI and

$21,477.69 in total sales


$32 to $1 ROI and

$15,998.87 in total sales