Grab A Piece Of A 10 Billion Dollar Pie

Last year consumers spent 3.1 BILLION dollars on… candy. Yes. Just candy. And if you consider spending on costumes, events, and all things Halloween, it comes up to a staggering $10 Billion Dollars. Here’s some frighteningly easy ways to get in on the Halloween action and make it last all month long!

Engage Your Community: Engaging the local community is something that larger corporate entities can’t do as well as you, so exploit your advantage. Parents are often on the lookout for alternative trick-or-treating options (than the traditional door to door) and making your business a stopping point is easier than you think.

Get together with nearby businesses and plan an event. This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday, but it’s even better to plan this on one of the alternative lead-up days. Community events are a great way to reengage existing customers as well as attract potential new customers to your business. 

Ever heard of Trunk or Treat? Offer up your parking lot on a slow afternoon, invite staff and customers to decorate their open vehicle trunks, and let the kiddies make their stops. Instant Event.

Safety First: Let your customers know their safety is on your mind with our Halloween Safety Premium campaign. Your Coach can fill you in on the details.

Have A Contest: Halloween is a great time to throw a contest and there are a ton of options to choose from! Costume contest, pumpkin pie bakeoff, spooky story contest, jack-o-lantern carving contest, guess the number of candies in the jar, etc. Give your customers something fun that is out of the ordinary – it’s a sure-fire way to draw them in.

Take Your Contest Online: Many of the ideas mentioned above can also work on social media. Hold a contest for the spookiest costume and have your customers submit a photo. Hold a candy guessing game – take a pic and have your customers post their guesses in the comments. Ask your followers to submit pics of their homemade Halloween goodies (the scarier the better). Interactive customer engagement connects customers to you on a personal level. They feel part of what you are doing, and you create a sense of community and develop long-term relationships with them.


How easy would it be to hold a Costume Contest in your business? And be sure to encourage your staff to dress up in the weeks leading to the big day!

There’s no excuse for terrifying sales this Halloween! Talk to your Coach about options for your business (don’t forget to check out our done-for-you Halloween Campaigns!) and get YOUR PIECE of the pie.