How To Solve Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Dilemmas In Your City

An obvious choice for many Business Owners is to time promotions with Valentine’s Day, but ‘us marketers’ don’t just do the obvious. For us, it’s the entire Month of Romance and it’s no traditional offer.

This February, delight your customers, drive sales for an entire month, and help solve Valentine’s Day gift giving dilemmas at the same time with a Free Necklace Giveaway Campaign. For years, our Pearl Necklace was the TOP contender, but we’ve scoured high and low, ordered samples and have sourced a variety of additional high-quality options so you can pick the piece of jewelry that will appeal best to your customers.

Why is this such a profitable campaign? Everyone loves a tangible gift. It’s more exciting than a traditional offer (% or $ Off) and so it naturally leads to a higher response. When bought in bulk quantities from wholesalers, you can gift something with a very high perceived value, but with a low cost to you. And it’s DIFFERENT. Unexpected. It differentiates yours from your competitors. It’s designed to surprise and delight. And it’s guaranteed to get people talking.

These necklaces can be purchased at a cost as low as $3.99 each making them a great giveaway. Plus, we’ve secured an extra 20% discount off your order when you purchase these beautiful Swarovski Elements Sterling Silver overlay necklaces from when you use the code “Royal20”.  Worried about running out, or not ready to place a large order? Just add “While Quantities Last” to your disclaimer.

Actual Merchant Results From The Free Necklace Giveaway Campaign:

Generated $32,780.70 in Sales
ROI $227 to $1

Generated $32,171.66 in Sales
ROI $54 to $1

Generated $29,277.54 in Sales
ROI $29 to $1