“I Didn’t Get My Rewards Points.”

If you or your staff have heard this in your business, we’ve got some
good news.

A new Missing Points Request Form, branded for your business, is now available for your program. This simple online form (check it out to the right) will allow members who are missing points to request they be added to their account. They may have forgotten to use their membership on a recent visit, or perhaps there was a staff error.

Whatever the reason, this is one additional tool to ensure you are
processing as many Rewards Transactions as possible and helping
your Rewards Members receive all the program benefits they were

The form will require a few simple details like date, time and amount spent so you can look up and match the transaction if needed. (It will also ask for receipt # if the member has it.)

You can link to the form from your website or online ordering page,
or if this is a really common occurrence at your business, you may
even decide to redirect the form to an easy to remember domain,
like ‘www.YourBusinessPoints.com’.

You will receive an email each time the form is completed allowing
you to review and process the request. If you’d like to start using this in your business, call your Royalty Rewards® Coach at 1-888-353-5012.