Is THIS Growing In Your Database?

An important ingredient in every marketing calendar is a targeted, creative campaign to reactivate Lost Members. We know it can sound boring, but it is a huge mistake not to focus on this valuable opportunity.

Why? Although you may have recently slipped their mind, Lost Members have already visited your business. They know where you’re located. They like your products and services. They’ve joined your Rewards Program! These are all significant milestones in the customer relationship and you can leverage them to your advantage.

They have already visited your business…

They know where you’re located…

They like your products and services…



In the last year, the spending habits of consumers have changed. They are bombarded with marketing messages from competing businesses on a daily business and you must do your job to remind them of your business and entice them to come back.

Still need some more motivation? With the help of Coach Jason, Elmwood Inn (who has been with Royalty Rewards® since 2006!) has recently reactivated over 250 members by tackling them in batches each month using monthly Sales Boost Campaigns.

Now, Elmwood’s database is 250 Active Members LARGER with their loyal customers back in their automated marketing machine, receiving communications on a regular basis.

Call your Royalty Rewards® Coach and ensure you have an automated way to reactivate Lost Members… a simple email campaign (that costs nothing) can begin the cleanup… and your Coach will even do it for you.