“It is more deductible to give than to receive.” –Henry Leabo

It’s coming, whether we like it or not. Tax time is rapidly approaching. But it’s not all doom and gloom! If you’ve been with Royalty Rewards® for some time, you know that the Income Tax Break Campaign is one of our most successful and popular campaigns. If you’ve done it before, now is time to get your order in. If you’ve never done it before, now’s the time to try it.


Why Income Tax? We explain a little bit about Slipstream Marketing on the next page, and this qualifies too. Whether it brings thoughts of joy or pain, taxes are already on everyone’s mind, and everyone likes a tax refund, no matter how small. For a marketer, it’s an ideal launching pad.

What makes it so great? Like all Royalty Rewards® Campaign, this one is DESIGNED to get opened. It replicates a REAL tax refund and has been TESTED to get maximum response… arriving in a KRAFT envelope, date stamped with a window ‘peek’ of a check with the recipient’s name on it (everyone knows that checks = money).



When does it arrive? In early March or early April (or both!), exactly when Americans are on the lookout for their annual refund. We do this for two reasons. First, so you can adjust the timing to best fit your business, and secondly, so you can maximize this once-a-year phenomenon. For example, in March, target your top customers and in April, engage your most valuable Lost Customers. Your Coach can help you come up with a plan to suit your needs.

Will This Work For MY Business? No matter what industry or who you target, the results speak for themselves:

Auto Repair
Generated $98,508.25 in Sales
ROI of $158 to $1

Generated $32,090.84 in Sales
ROI of $122 to $1

Sent to just 98 members… Generated $5,957.25 in Sales
ROI of $53 to $1

Lost Reactivation
With an offer of $11.32 Off…
Generated $15,977.47 in Sales
Reactivated 228 Lost Members

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