Merchant Turning Points


Every November, the Royalty Rewards® Team meets for a Collaboration and Training Day. We eliminate distractions and dedicate time to celebrate successes from the year, review our Key Performance Indicators, network and learn from each other. This year, we were blown away by the merchant success stories shared by our Coaches. By the time you are reading this, we’ll have turned over a new leaf into 2022, but the information, strategies, and ideas shared were SO valuable, we decided to highlight them in a recurring, dedicated newsletter column. Here are the first two…

ONE Question Boosts Staff Confidence

Enrolling new Rewards Members can be a daunting task for some of your staff members. In a recent Quantum Leap Lightning session, we shared how to break down this potential intimidating task into just one question. After implementing this with Coach Tina’s help, it was a total GAME CHANGER for Delta Blues BBQ in Bristol, TN, boosting both staff confidence, new member enrollments AND transactions. That one sentence? “Would you like to earn points for today’s purchase?”

INSIDER SUCCESS SECRET: To provide that extra nudge that is needed from time to time, their manager targets familiar faces on the floor, approaching them noting “Hey, I see you here all the time. You’re a Rewards Member, right?”

It’s not just any Positive Online Review…it’s NEW Positive Online Reviews

You’ve heard the stats. A MASSIVE % of consumers check out your business online before visiting you. And having positive online reviews isn’t the only important thing anymore…you must have a continual flow of NEW, positive online reviews. (I’m one of those guilty consumers. The FIRST thing I do when reading online reviews is change the sort order to display ‘newest’ first. And if the newest review is even more than a month old, I scratch my head.) As a Royalty Rewards® merchant, you have a powerful tool to combat this with the Online Review Accelerator, and your Coach is available to optimize it with you on a regular basis. What kind of impact can that have? For one of Coach Dina’s merchants, with her help and the power of the Online Review Accelerator, they rose from 42 Reviews, and ranking #496 of 3514 to 677 Reviews and now rank #4 of 3,533. WOW. Great Job.