Phone + Email + Mail… OH MY!

Recently, there was a planned power outage for my area. A full day, midweek where I’d have no power. Zero. And I work from home. An inconvenience? Yes. But thankfully the local power company did a surprisingly good job communicating with customers who would be impacted and I was able to prepare for it. I’m guessing that the prospect of hundreds of angry and frustrated customers calling them was frightening enough for their Customer Service Team. Whatever it was, they took extra steps to communicate what was happening, when it was happening and what I needed to do to make sure that nothing I owned would be affected.

Here’s how it went…

Step 1: A Phone Call

About a month before the planned outage, I got a phone call letting me know what was going on – the date the power would be out, the time it would be out from (9:00am – 4:00pm) etc.

Step 2: Email

The phone call was followed up closely with an email. With spam calls rampant, it was reassuring to have something in writing to back up the phone call as being legitimate.

Step 3: Postcard

About a week or so before, I got a postcard in the mail reminding me of the planned outage. It also had some tips on what to do (unplug your appliances etc.) to make sure I was protected and ensure my belongings would not be damaged.

Impressive communication for a giant corporation? I thought so. If I ignored the phone call (which I often do), or if the email went into spam (or if I dismissed it as unimportant), I still would have known exactly what was going on. As a result, there was no surprises and I was able to plan out my day accordingly.

What does this mean for you?

Consumers are bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages EVERY DAY. As marketers, it is OUR job to cut through the clutter. To ensure we GET our customers attention and entice them to take action.

With Royalty Rewards®, remember that the power is in your hands. You have a database of customers that you OWN, multimedia communication methods at your fingertips – push notifications, email on demand, postcards, social media and a Coach to help you along the way.

Inconveniences like this happen ALL the time – road closures, construction, power outages etc. If your business is affected by something outside of your control, take the extra steps to let your customers know EXACTLY what’s happening and how they can continue to do business with you.

Not to mention… it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity (have you read the main newsletter article yet?)