Problem, Agitate, Solve

As a marketer (we’ll say it again, you ARE a marketer), relying on PROVEN marketing formulas and strategies can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing AND can significantly simplify the process to create it.

If you haven’t heard of Problem, Agitate, Solve, I can guarantee you’ve been subject to it in marketing messages on MANY occasions. This copywriting, sales and marketing strategy follows a simple formula to influence consumer spending behavior. Here is how it works:


Clearly identify the problem, challenge, or pain point that your customer has or will have to deal with.


Focus on/describe all the negative consequences, the hassles, the frustration, that will impact your customer as a result.


Finally, solve the problem by offering an appropriate product, service, or special offer that will address all the pain points and solve your customers’ problems.

Now that you’re up to speed on this winning formula, we have a challenge for you: Build a Thanksgiving Campaign using Problem, Agitate, Solve. We’ll even give you a head start: Preparing for this holiday can leave many feeling incredibly stressed out, so we’ve included here a list of the top reasons thanksgiving is stressful for your customers.

How can your business ‘solve’ one or more of these problems for your customers? If you want to rely on a proven, tried and true option, it’s none other than Gift Certificate Sales (and yes, ‘Holiday Shopping’ appears on the Top Reasons list).

Everyone needs last-minute gifts. Whether they’re for a friend who slipped their mind, the stylist, the mailman or dogwalker… and with a special offer on Gift Certificates, we can proactively SOLVE this problem so many of our customers have and grow our sales in a beneficial way. (Plus, it’s like a FREE cash advance, just for YOUR business. On average, only 82% of the Gift Certificates sold this holiday will be redeemed! And 18% NEVER will. That’s like a FREE cash advance, just for you.) If you don’t already offer them, selling gift certificates should be on the TOP of your Wish List this year. This is also a great way to kickstart your January sales.

Top Reasons For
Thanksgiving Stress

And if you don’t sell Gift Certificates? No problem. There are many other ways you can address your customers problems this upcoming holiday.

Another easy one is Premiums – there’s so much that goes into holiday prep, from the food, to cooking items to decorations. It’s a great opportunity to lighten their load and grab their attention by offering something a little unexpected. Get creative – you could offer a turkey baster, gravy boat, holiday centerpiece or even partner with a local business and offer a turkey or a pumpkin pie!

3 Steps to Create a Thanksgiving Campaign using Problem, Agitate, Solve

Step 1) Decide what Thanksgiving Problem YOUR business can solve.

Step 2) Create a special offer for your Thanksgiving ‘Gift’.

Step 3) Share your Thanksgiving Gift with the world.

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