Santa On A Surfboard

By now, as you’ve been reading this Edition of the EZ Profit Newsletter, you’ve probably noticed we are big advocates of thinking OUTSIDE the box when it comes to marketing. And with July around the corner, there is a no-brainer way to create some excitement in your business, while getting some of your customers’ attention BACK from all their summer fun. And I mean… who doesn’t love a little bit of holiday cheer? Yes, we’re talking Christmas in July and here’s some ideas to get you started.

Set The Mood.

Go all out! Get the tree, tinsel, bake some sugar cookies, put on some holiday music, put some Christmas-themed inflatables in front of your business to attract attention.

Play Santa.

With the Christmas in July Scratch Campaign, you can let your customers know they are all on Santa’s Nice List and invite them in to receive their gift (because every Scratch Postcard is a winner!). 

If you haven’t heard of this campaign, call your Coach for the details and remember, you’re in control of exactly what prizes you give away. This one is a great turnkey – PLUS, it’ll bring in some pretty amazing results. Here are a few examples from past merchants.

$75 to $1 ROI and

$80,742.93 in total sales

$51 to $1 ROI and

$25,357.84 in total sales

$29 to $1 ROI and

$17,500.22 in total sales

Get A Jump On Holiday Shopping

No one likes to hit the mall on Christmas Eve! This is a great opportunity to help your customers get started on their holiday “to do” list.

Offer A Holiday Classic

Give your customers a taste of the holidays – serve up a traditional holiday meal or dish. If you aren’t a restaurant, partner with a business in your community like a bakery to come up with something special.

Get Them Coming Back For More

Get extra mileage from this promotion by offering a Bounce Back offer. Hand it out to everyone who celebrates Christmas with you in July to get them to come back and see you in August.

Don’t wait! Your Coach can help you plan out all your summer promotions, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and soak up some sun. Give them a call today at 1-888-353-5012.