Shake Things Up With A Signage Refresh

Have you ever noticed that over time you go blind to things? You’ve driven home the same route so many times, yet if you were to be asked the details of anything, you might not be able to recall them. Then suddenly, someone on the route paints their house lime green, or parks a school bus in their driveway and you notice!

It happens in your business too. Your customers go blind to their surroundings after a time, and they stop seeing the things you are using to attract their attention.

If you have been using the same Royalty Rewards® signage for a long period of time, this is a prime example. You want to use it to encourage new signups. Your imagery probably needs improving, and the technology and process for signups has changed.

We revamp our signage packages regularly for just this reason. It needs to stay fresh. Talk to your Coach about giving your customers something new to notice and get more signups.

Just look at some of our merchant’s new signage! Wouldn’t these catch your eye… We have a variety of options for various uses – you can choose what’s best for your business. 

Large Posters

24” x 36”, printed full color, and hung or placed in your business. A similar medium poster, 17” x 11” is also available.

New Member Signup Sheet
3.5” x 8.5”, printed full color, to be handed out to non-members with their checks or placed on the table for members to read.

Small Poster

8.5” x 11”, printed in full color, to be placed on your counter. This version also available as a Pizza Box Topper or Table Tent.