Social Media Corner

There’s nothing quite like looking back in time. The nostalgia we feel after pulling out an old photo album, reminiscing about the fun we had, reliving happy memories from our younger years. It’s even more satisfying to share those memories with other people. We talk of the trip or vacation we were on, explain the funny thing that happened JUST before the photo was taken, share a laugh at the outdated hair and fashion choices.

And that’s exactly why everyone loves a good throwback photo. TBT or ‘Throwback Thursday’ is a popular social media trend of sharing old photos on Thursdays. It started years ago and you’ve likely seen a throwback photo on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.
Whether you like it or not, having a relevant Social Media presence is critical for your business. It’s a great tool to extend your reach and increase your business’s visibility, it is relatively low cost and is a great tool to increase your customer engagement.

So take a lesson from this newsletter: have some FUN, tell a STORY, and get your staff and customers to PARTICIPATE. It’s YOUR turn to post a TBT. And not just any old throwback. We’re also going to leverage Back To School and create a cohesive marketing extravaganza.

Here's The Challenge:

Want to kick this up a notch?

Don’t just share a throwback, RECREATE it. This is another trend that piggybacks on the original throwback. It’s a modern-day recreation of the throwback photo. And it can get really fun as you try to recreate the original as closely as possible. You can go to the same location, recreate the background, find similar clothing, mimic hairstyles and facial expressions.