The Perfect Hangover Remedy In 3 Ingredients Or Less

The spirit of the holiday season is upon us (no, we’re not talking about Halloween…) The air is crackling with excitement. The feeling of joy is almost palpable. Everyone is busier than usual, spending money on loved ones, getting together with family and friends, and anticipating winter travel, holidays, and celebrations.

The energy really kicks in around Thanksgiving before fully launching into high gear for Christmas and New Year’s. Then, come January, ‘the holiday hangover’ hits. The thrill is over, customers slow down, and there is an abrupt end to it all as we recover from a whirlwind of activity. For Business Owners, this often means sales slowdown, the trickle of customers makes it difficult to keep staff busy and limited cash flow makes bill paying a headache.

Avoid your holiday hangover with action NOW. Here are 3 simple ways to preemptively ‘cure’ the inevitable January sales slump.

Create Your Own Holiday Rush With A Scratch Campaign

When was the last time you threw away a scratch lottery ticket without scratching it? I’d bet NEVER. That’s why a Scratch Campaign is sooo irresistible. We like this campaign any time of this year, but for January in particular, we LOVE it. Why? In January, everyone needs a little more motivation to do the simplest of tasks, and this certainly does the job. Not only does it provide an extra ‘boost’

 of excitement by teasing a hidden prize, but everyone is actually a winner! And this doesn’t have to be complicated. Although we recommend several prizes with a high perceived value, most members will be gifted with a compelling, yet conservative offer of your choice (perhaps $10.00 off their next visit). You’re in full control of what you give away, but your Coach can help you decide what’s best to make this campaign a success.
Ready to get some extra mileage from this campaign? Create a build up all month long, display the assortment of prizes in your business, use four walls marketing (we can help you create signage!), send emails, and then celebrate the big winners, take their photos, and share them in your emails and other marketing.

One merchant used this campaign and saw $29,337.98 in sales, with an ROI of $44 to $1!

Let Everyone "Get Out Of Jail Free"

The start of a New Year is a perfect time to show your customers some “Amnesty”! During the month of January, let your member “get out of jail FREE” and allow them to use any expired campaigns they didn’t take advantage of the first time around. Last January, one of our merchants sent out the Amnesty campaign and had an ROI of $43 to $1 and $21,545.16 in sales!

Make Up For 2022 Missed Birthdays

Everyone loves to get a gift for their birthday… even if it’s late. The most successful marketing campaigns have a good angle, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Your birthday campaign most likely produces some of the highest ROI’s from your program campaigns, but there are always going to be members who don’t redeem their gift. Maybe they forgot, maybe they misplaced their certificate. Whatever the reason, January is the perfect time to of year to reach out to those members “one last time” to celebrate their 2022 birthday at your business.

Plan your 2023 Marketing Calendar one month, or one quarter at a time. But don’t wait until you’re “IN” the slow period to try to cure it. Call your Coach at 1-888-353-5012 TODAY.