The Power Of A Good Sign

In October of last year, Egghead’s Restaurant decided to do a Signage Refresh Package at the suggestion of their Coach, Jamie. Because they have a small location with limited space to hang posters, they decided to go with Table Stickers, New Member Sign Up Sheets and QR Stickers. Within one month of displaying the new signage, they DOUBLED their number of Rewards Members!

Town House Restaurant & Steak House also decided to do a Signage Refresh Package. They chose to go with Posters and Table Tents. The addition of the new signage has really helped to get the conversation going (with customers AND staff) and it shows in the results. They were averaging 5 sign ups a month, but once they displayed the signage, that number jump up to 26 – a 420% Increase!

QR STICKERS: 2”x 2” printed full color, to be placed on take out bags or receipts. Available in bundles of 500.