The Power of Positive Focus

At Royalty Rewards®, we start EVERY Team Meeting with a Positive Focus (including our DAILY team huddles). For the first few minutes, any team member who has a positive accomplishment takes a moment to share with the team. This not only sets a positive tone for the meeting, but it provides a platform to share successes (no matter how small) and fosters an environment of sharing, acceptance, and learning. It also creates some fun competition and encourages us all to strive to be the best!

We’ve also just taken this a step further. At the last Platinum Elite meeting, Elizabeth from Connie’s Cookies shared the success she has had incorporating a monthly gratitude meeting with her team. Now, at Royalty Rewards®, every day we will pause for Positive Focus & Points of Gratitude. (Thanks Elizabeth!) We encourage you to try this out. And if you were about to “pooh pooh” the idea, consider this. Healthline tells us that the individual benefits of gratitude are huge, including improved sleep quality, improved emotional regulation, increased feelings of happiness and positive mood fosters hope for the future, reduces stress, burnout, and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), increases resilience and improves our relationships. But gratitude will also improve your employee culture and work environment. A culture of gratitude and appreciation fills people’s need for meaningful, interpersonal connection, community and validation. American Psychological Association researchers found that 93% of employees who reported feeling valued said that “they are motivated to do their best at work” and 88 percent reported “feeling engaged.” It’s a very simple strategy to implement, diminish turnover and build a stronger, more effective team.