The Power Of Tradition… And How To Leverage It

When you think about Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven? Friends and family, secret casserole recipes, a game of football in the backyard? Whatever Thanksgiving looks like for you, the best parts are the memories and the traditions that are repeated year after year.

At Royalty Rewards®, we look at holidays with a marketing mind, so we ask… how can we “borrow” from Thanksgiving traditions and use them in our business? Now is the perfect time to plan and create some Thanksgiving Traditions with your customers. Here are some great ideas to implement and leverage in your business.

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Partner with a local butcher or market and raffle off a turkey with all the trimmings! Or take the sweets route, partner with a local bakery or cafe and giveaway a pie or Thanksgiving treat every week in November.

Recipe Contests

Hold a ‘Thanksgiving Recipe of the Year’ contest among your customers. Allow customers to submit a recipe, hold a vote for the best, and give out a prize! Your customers will end up with a variety of new recipes, you’ll have weekly marketing content all month long, and you can give back with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Take it the extra mile and make a night of it. Have a party where contestants bring in their dishes for taste testing and a live vote!

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Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks… so create some Gratitude with the power of a handwritten note. Some advice before you start? Separate this by team member and limit the number to make it a very manageable task with vast reach. Next steps? Purchase some simple Thank You notes/cards and have each team member handwrite a note to 20 of their best customers. Talk about providing a “WOW” experience for your customers.

Another option? Set up a Gratitude Journal and encourage both customers and staff to leave notes of thanks and special memories of your business. And while Thanksgiving is a good time to start, a Team Gratitude Journal (or gratitude sharing) is a great addition to your regular Team Meetings. At Royalty Rewards® we have a dedicated moment for gratitude in EVERY morning meeting. Although there isn’t something shared every day, it’s added a ton of value to our meetings and reminds us of all the things (large and small) that we do for each other.

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Seasonal Treats & Recipes

Although feeding people might come naturally to restaurants, offering seasonal treats is a great idea for all businesses.
How would you feel being offered a bite of pumpkin pie before shopping for your next favorite book? But if you don’t want to get into the thick of food service, a ‘Thanksgiving Recipe of the Week’ is a great alternative. Have your team all submit their favorite family recipes, print them up with a Thanksgiving theme, and let customers pick one after each visit.
And for restaurants? What screams Thanksgiving more than turkey!? Create a limited-time Turkey feast, or pie of the week that will get your customers’ taste-buds watering. Or get creative with pumpkin cookies or a signature seasonal drink.

PRO TIP: Make sure you set the stage with a warm, cozy, festive environment within your business. And remember, pumpkins can be used for decorations for Halloween AND Thanksgiving!