“Think Of Your Business AS A Country With It’s Own Language, Culture, Customs & Concept”

"Think Of Your Business As A Country With Its Own Language, Culture, Customs & Concept" - Phyliss Ann Marshall

When it came to small businesses, Phyllis Ann Marshall was a makeover expert. She was a master at developing concepts for NEW businesses, but also in retrofitting and remaking EXISTING businesses. Giving them a “facelift”, she’d say. Phyllis Ann was a common face and guest speaker at our past events, and it is her message above that we want to bring focus to today. Phyllis Ann passed away in 2017 but the lessons she taught live on in us and in many of our clients.

For Business Owners, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of running our business and forget about our destination. Our “Why?”. Our reasons, our motivation for creating our business is the first place. But it is then – when we are in the thick of the problems, the crises, the derailments – that our “Why?” is so important. And if we consider Phyliss Ann’s vision in its simplest form, it boils down to our mission statement. A clear mission statement creates a sense of direction. A purpose. The overall reason for existence. And once we have that, everything we do, all our energy, all our decisions, can align with the overall purpose.

Right now you might be saying to yourself, “I already HAVE a mission statement.” OK… When did you write it? When was the last time you read it? When was the last time your team saw it? Is it posted proudly in your business for staff and customers to see? Is it up to date? Does it still reflect the values and goals of your business TODAY?

Your mission statement SHOULD be revisited periodically to ensure your business’s growth and evolving goals remain aligned with it. It should serve as a guiding light for your business. Not only should it help you make decisions that align with your overall vision, but it should also be incorporated into your hiring process, should be used as a reminder in team meetings, and should be prominently displayed for your customers.

So, if you DON’T have a mission statement, now is the time to create one and determine how you’ll use it. And if you DO have one, now is the time to revisit both the statement and how it is used.

Your Mission Statement should serve as a guiding light for your business. Does yours measure up?

What IS a Mission Statement?

A concise, declarative, guiding statement.

  1. Describes your business’s main purpose, values, and goals.
  2. Outlines the fundamental reason for your business’s existence.
  3. Illustrates the impact your business strives to create.
  4. Conveys the goals your business aims to achieve.
  5. Identifies your target audience.
  6. Might communicate your unique selling proposition (USP).

Not sure what a USP is?

A USP is what differentiates you from your competitors. It is a specific attribute that makes your business or its offerings unique and valuable to customers.

What's Next?

Below is a list of questions that can help guide you in creating or revising a meaningful mission statement. We encourage you not only to participate as the Owner, but also to include all key team members. By reflecting on these questions and discussing them as a group, you will gain valuable clarity on your business’s purpose, vision and values.

As part of this exercise, determine how and where your mission statement will be used and be sure to consider the following:

For Your Staff:

A mission statement provides guidance, direction, inspiration and motivation. It sets the tone for the company culture, influences decision-making and helps align everyone towards a common vision.

For Your Customers:

A mission statement communicates the company’s identity, values and purpose. It can be used in marketing materials, on a company website and in other communications to convey what the business stands for and how it aims to make a difference.

Remember, a well-crafted mission statement should be concise, clear and focused to communicate your intentions effectively. What will start as a brainstorming session should eventually become a concise, 1-2 sentence statement.

  1. What is the PURPOSE of our business?
  2. What PROBLEM are we solving for our customers or clients?
  3. What VALUES and PRINCIPLES are important to us as a business?
  4. What UNIQUE qualities or strengths do we bring to the market?
  5. Who are our TARGET customers or clients?
  6. How do we want to be PERCEIVED by our customers, employees, and the community?
  7. What are our long-term GOALS and aspirations?
  8. What IMPACT do we want to have on our industry or community?
  9. How do we plan to DIFFERENTIATE ourselves from competitors?
  10. What do we want our LEGACY to be?

At Royalty Rewards®, our mission is clear. And writing our mission statement started very much how we’ve recommended here. Our entire team was involved in creating it and we brainstormed thoughts using a list of questions very similar to the above.

Royalty Rewards® Mission Statement

Through technology, innovation, & professional coaching we provide our clients with proven, measurable, turnkey marketing solutions to free up the energy, time, & money they need to achieve their personal & professional goals.

Now, each staff member has a copy to keep at their workstation and we take time to re-read it at each and every Team Collaboration Day we hold.