This Year I Started Doing Something Crazy…

For most people, the start of the new year is a time to make a daring new year resolution. For most Business Owners, it’s time to set aggressive goals. But regardless of this annual tradition that so many of us take part in, why do some of us find it so much harder to stay focused on and REACH our goals? Procrastination? Distraction? Diversion? Whatever it was for me, I put an end to it this year. And since we are just about HALFWAY through 2023, it’s a good time for YOU to check in on your 2023 goals too.

Did you set 2023 goals for your marketing, your sales, your personal life? Are you on track to reach or exceed those goals? If your progress is not what you hoped for, don’t stick your head in the sand. NOW is the time to revisit, readjust and redirect. And IT’S OKAY to change your direction. Do not dwell on what you haven’t completed, rather give yourself the opportunity to adjust and regroup.

MY Secret? It’s probably not what you want to hear. No, I didn’t discover some magic formula that amplified my productivity. No, I didn’t uncover some age-old secret that helped me ignore distractions and focus only on the hard projects. I just did 3 simple things.

First, I started with just one goal. Second, I put a timeline on it. Third, I FORCED myself to read it every day. And every day I made ONE step that brought me closer to the goal. Yes, I missed some days and sometimes they were very tiny steps… but I’ve already accomplished my original goal, and the one after it, and I’m on to number three. For me, the breakthrough was creating laser-like focus on just ONE goal. Then, I just focused on just ONE step. The progress was inevitable.

A simple solution. Something I’ve heard before. The difference? I DID. I ACTED. And it worked. Imagine that!

TODAY is your chance to do the same. To CHANGE or TWEAK your behavior. So whether you are revisiting goals you already set, or taking the opportunity to set new ones, review each goal using the following steps and get clarity on your focus for the rest of 2023.

Have Your Priorities Changed? As time passes, circumstances change, and new opportunities and challenges arise. What was important in January, might not be now. Feel free to eliminate goals that no longer serve you.

Has Progress Stalled? Sometimes we get stuck, forget, procrastinate, or avoid. Review your original goal and figure out what is preventing you from achieving it. To move forward you may need to modify the goal or remove some roadblocks.

Have You Taken On TOO Much? Take a lesson from my book. Scale it back. Focus on JUST the most important item on your list.

Are You Motivated? Sometimes ‘WE’ aren’t the best person for the job. If there is something you’re avoiding that can be delegated in whole or part, delegate it and move on.

Have You Reached A Goal Early? Amazing! How can you amplify your success? How can you make it into a more audacious goal? This is an opportunity to go bigger and see how far you can push it.

Don’t let this be you. DO. ACT. Maybe your answer is also just to focus on ONE THING?