‘Twas the night before Christmas

There’s something about the energy around us as the holiday season approaches. The anticipation, a ‘sizzle’, a little more joy everywhere we go. And inevitably, we all have the same feeling after the holidays are over… maybe a little relief, but also a little sadness in knowing we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to do it again.

For Marketers like us, a holiday like Christmas is like, well Christmas! There is a plethora of emotions, nostalgia, tastes, and traditions at our fingertips, ready to be weaved into the story our marketing will tell. It’s these SHARED emotions and feelings that SUPER CHARGE a marketing campaign and the CONNECTION we create through it. It’s a marketer’s dream!

So how can we RECREATE this? When it comes to the prospect of waiting an entire 12 months to leverage it again, we say BAH HUMBUG! We will make our own Christmas, in July, exactly when your customers might need a little extra ‘nudge’ to remember you amidst the distractions of the summer.

Here’s some ideas to help kick off Christmas in July. Break out your Santa Hat, put on some Christmas tunes and give your Coach a call to get started. And remember, marketing works best when it’s different – when it forces your audience to stop what they are doing to figure out what’s happening.

Deck Your Halls & Host A Party. Decorate like you would during the holidays, complete with a tree and all the trimmings. Consider a special 2-day celebration and visit from Santa (don’t forget Santa hats for your team)!

Maximize August Sales. Accomplish 2 things at once and create a simple ‘Bounce-Back’ offer to hand out to everyone who visits in July, with an offer driving them BACK to your business in August.

12 Days Of Giveaways. No matter what industry (GREAT for Auto), build a 12 Days of Giveaways Promotion. Or a Christmas-themed spin-the-wheel to win, one spin for every visit!

Promote An EARLY Start To Christmas Shopping. Retailers can offer incentives geared to encourage customers to get a jump start on their Christmas Shopping NOW. Offer shipping? Waive the fees.

Offer A Summer Version Of A Holiday Classic. If you are a Restaurant Owner, serve up a traditional holiday meal or dish. Not a restaurant? Partner with a local bakery to serve some tasty holiday treats for your customers.

Add A Little Holiday Magic To Your Online Presence. Carry the theme and keep your customers aware by highlighting EVERYTHING you have going on for ‘Christmas’ in July through to your email communications and on your social media.

Play Santa! What is Christmas without gifts?! The Christmas in July Scratch Campaign is a great way to automate this promotion for you. You can maximize response with paired emails, decorations, treats, and be ready for customers to visit, eager for their ‘Christmas’ gift.

Check out our Christmas in July Campaigns at www.RRSalesBoost.com or visit www.RoyaltyRewards.com/Scratch to watch our latest video on how you can grow your sales with a Scratch Campaign.