Using The App For Takeout And Delivery Orders

Get New Members Signing Up On The App From Takeout And Delivery Orders

Yes! You CAN sign up new members from takeout and delivery orders! Anything leaving your business and ending up in the hands of your customers is an opportunity to promote your Rewards program. Do Not Let This Opportunity Pass You By.

To take advantage of this opportunity, we have stickers available that can be put on takeout containers, bags, boxes and more to get new members signing up to your program. When they scan the QR code with their smartphone, they will be taken directly to the download of the Royalty Rewards® App so that they can join the program.

These stickers will work for any industry! If you offer a pickup and drop off service for vehicle repair, add a sticker to the invoice. Retail shop offering curbside pickup? Put a sticker on the bag.

Ask your Coach for order information and details on how these can work in your business!