We Challenge You

At Royalty Rewards®, we like to break away from the crowd. So as the end of the year approaches, instead of asking you to set a resolution, we came up with something unique. A Challenge. To be better. To shake things up. To focus on what we can control and impact our business and personal lives for the better. Pick one or pick them all and make the last days of 2021 worth writing home for.

Challenge #1: Do that ONE thing you’ve been putting off.

You likely already know what it is. The task, the decision, or the project you’ve been putting off. It’s easy to set it off to the side in your mind, maybe tell yourself it’s not as critical as it is. But it’s weighing you down. The end of the year is a time to purge, to take risks, to turn corners. It might be severing ties with a dysfunctional vendor or struggling team member. It might be a simple project you’re just avoiding. Whatever it is, whether it brings you fear or uncertainty, write it down now, tackle it, and evict it from the valuable mental space it occupies.

Challenge # 2: Do more for YOU.

For most of us, we started our business to build a life we dreamed of. But in any given year, it’s easy to fall into bad habits, to work more and rest less. So even if are happy with the amount of time you take for yourself, your family, and your friends, we challenge you to push it one step further. It could be as simple as setting aside one additional hour each week just for you and your relationships. OR it could be as significant as scheduling that much-delayed vacation. Whatever it is, push the measuring stick one step further in your direction.

Challenge # 3: Do Something FUN.

Do something fun with your team. Whether it be an impromptu meal, a contest, a get together, or an unexpected gift… have some fun. If your position is removed from the majority of your staff, include just your top leadership team and empower them to do the same with their team members.

Challenge #4: Refresh Your Four Walls Marketing Tools

Our four walls marketing tools are here to support you and we recommend you refresh your signage or start using new formats AT LEAST twice a year. So we’ve put together a Signage Refresh Package that provides up-to-date four walls marketing tools into your business, for a small refundable $100 deposit. All you have to do is send us a picture of the tools in use and we’ll refund your deposit.

Challenge #5: Optimize Your Royalty Rewards® Survey & Online Review Accelerator

Take a moment, flip over to the Marketing Toolbox insert and find out how longtime Platinum Elite Merchant, Bent Hansen of Los Gringos Locos, was voted TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Best of the Best – #14 of Top Everyday Eats…. IN ALL OF THE UNITED STATES. And his situation is not unique. In the article you will find TWO additional Royalty Rewards® Merchants that have been also found themselves on this prestigious list. Bent credits this AMAZING accomplishment to the Royalty Rewards® Online Review Accelerator in combination with his hard-working team and the amazing job they do providing a WOW experience in his restaurant.

For the most part, the Survey and Online Review Accelerator work in the background for you, but they should be reviewed from time to time and OPTIMIZED. Reach out to your Coach, tell them you are interested in optimizing this campaign, and maybe soon you too will appear on this prestigious list.

Challenge # 6: Revamp Your Program Campaigns

How would you feel if your grandmother sent you the same birthday card every year? A tad less special? We are continually adding new campaign postcard versions and recommend you refresh your choices every year and review your offers. Call your Coach today at 1-888-353-5012 for more details.