“We may NEVER open our full-service dining room again”

One thing I’ve learned over the years is to not do everything yourself. But no matter how many times I tell myself that, I still find myself getting caught up in small details and low value tasks. Or maybe it’s because I’m trying to save a couple of bucks so I schedule myself a shift on the line every week. Like the old adage goes, “You don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen peeling carrots”.

Whatever it is, it can be easy to lose your way as the leader and innovator of your business. As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we are MOST valuable providing insight on the things that move us forward, long and short range planning, the new menu pricing, that collaboration with the business down the street, helping our company grow and make more money. And we all know it is a constant struggle to stay focused on that.

“…it can be easy to lose your way as the leader and innovator of your business.”

In lots of ways, the pandemic FORCED us to focus on these most valuable parts of our business. One of the wildest parts for us was shutting down our inside dining room. While it was forced in the beginning, it has led us in many new directions.

We re-tooled our menu into a quick serve direction, and it has opened our eyes to what a very efficient kitchen is capable of.

We sped up our existing drive-thru and added another take out window, increasing our capabilities of outside service to 4 venues.

Our operation got quicker, more accurate, faster and much easier to manage. The best part? Our payroll and food costs are down substantially because of our re-tool.

Truthfully, we may NEVER open our full-service dining room again. And when YOU ARE focused on growing your business and maximizing operations, it provides the opportunity for other team member to shine. When I let folks take on an initiative, they dive in; they surprise you and themselves.

Collaborating with other businesses, vendors, like-minded community groups and charities is also a great way to spread the ideas along, get new perspectives, and even get more funding. We hooked up with a brewery and our doughnut beers were born. An even bigger success? We started out trying to buy the land next door and have ended up with what’s become a mega side business…a nightly food truck park. You just never know where the wheels will land if you give them a chance to spin.

"We hooked up with a brewery and our doughnut beers were born."

Our Platinum Elite Group was instrumental in getting us on track with our “new” business and has helped along the way making these major decisions. There is much power in hearing other perspectives and insights, and in knowing what’s working and what isn’t for other Business Owners like us. My advice this month? Look at the talent that you have, spread out the work and see where the sparks fly. And reach out to the like-minded folk around you. The next best idea might be just around the corner.

Gary Leech is owner of Congdon's. He has been an EZ Profit Newsletter™ Contributor for years, a Royalty Rewards® Merchant since 2007 and a Platinum Elite Member since 2014.