… What’s That Smell?

Have you ever left the house and returned later only to notice an odd smell that wasn’t there before? Believe it or not, this has a name. It’s referred to as “nose blindness”. According the Heathline.com, “nose blindness is a temporary, naturally occurring adaptation of your body that leads to an inability to detect or distinguish common scents in your surroundings.” Makes sense, right? We can get so used to the smells around us, it isn’t until we leave and return that we notice there is indeed a smell.

And this phenomenon isn’t unique to just our noses. When we get used to something that’s always there, we tend to stop noticing it. UNTIL that is, something happens to draw our attention back to it. And the same can impact your customers and your business. It’s exactly why we recommend refreshing the Rewards Program signage in your business every 3-6 months. A continual flow of new members, and accurate tracking of their visits, is critical to your marketing success. And signage plays a big part in creating that awareness for customers and staff.

So, ask yourself the questions below and we’ll make the next step a no-brainer: Call your Coach before Jan 31st, mention code “nose blind” and we’ll give you a new signage package for FREE. All we ask is for a $100 Deposit, which we’ll refund after you send us pics of the signage in use in your business.

Does your signage stand out?

Does your signage stand out in your business or blend in? Have the colors faded and no longer draw attention like it used to?

Is your signage in the right place?

Are posters hung at eye level? Do table tents get stuck behind condiments? Are table stickers getting covered up by napkins and cutlery settings? Can customers scan the QR code easily? Is it hanging in a dimly lit area?

Are you using the right signage?

Would a Floor Stand Poster grab more attention as customers are coming through the door versus a poster hung on a back wall? Would a coaster be more effective than a table tent?

How many critters can you spot?
Don’t let your Rewards Program signage camouflage into the background. Call your Coach, mention code “nose blind” and get new signage for your business for FREE.