When Was The Last Time You Inspired ACTION?

Inspire Action”. Why is it worth your time? Have you ever wondered why we are inspired by some people and organizations, but not others? Why does Apple have such a massive, devoted following? Where did TiVo go wrong? In Simon’s own words: “People don’t care what you do. They care why you do it.”

I can get my oil changed at no less than 10 places in my community. So, if you do not want to compete on price, you must communicate why your shop is better than all the other options. You must, “tell a story about your why”.

Your customers WANT to jump on your bandwagon, you just need to connect with them on an emotional level and give them a reason to do so. Are you impacting your community? Are you offering them something they can’t get anywhere else? Scan this QR to watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk and learn how you too can Inspire Action.


If you could use another great storytelling example, look no further than long time Merchant (a loyal partner since 2008!), Angelo from Sal e Pepe Contemporary Italian Bistro in Newtown, CT. In celebration of 18 years in business, Angelo created a new dessert ‘Pistachio Cream Pie’ and then used Facebook and email on demand to announce the addition and tell the story of his featured dessert. Visit his Facebook page below to hear him tell the story about falling in love with Pistachio Cream on a recent vacation to Italy and details of creating it to celebrate their 18th business anniversary.

Angelo is a great marketer. To further leverage the dessert and his business anniversary, he also sent a Sales Boost Campaign (with a free dessert offer!) which generated $8,373.94 in sales from the people who received it. Awesome job Angelo! Stories don’t need to be elaborate to inspire action – they just need to relate your product to a “reason why” that builds connection.

Visit his Facebook page and hear the story of Angelos’s Pistachio Cream Pie: https://www.facebook.com/SalePepeRestaurant/