Why Doesn’t The IRS Audit Cows?

Because the farmer milked them dry! Whether it’s cows or Snoopy, that sums up how we all feel about tax time… but we’re here to remind you that there is a bright side. An event as massive as tax time opens a door. A door for ‘us marketers’ to use slipstream marketing to make tax time FUN (and profitable).

Slipstream Marketing is based on hitching a free ride, seizing an opportunity and leveraging a conversation that is already happening in the minds of your customers. And tax time is a perfect time to take it from your marketing toolbox.

If you haven’t heard of the Income Tax Campaign yet, read on. If you have but have yet to finalize it with your Coach for 2023, call now (your Coach will review last year and help you maximize this year’s results).

Designed To Get Opened.

Designed specifically to replicate the real thing and TESTED to get maximum response… arriving in a KRAFT envelope, date stamped and with a window ‘peek’ of a check with the recipient’s name on it (everyone knows that checks = money), every part of this campaign is designed with intention.

Timed Specifically

This campaign arrives either in early March or early April (or both!), exactly when Americans are on the lookout for their annual refund. We do this for two reasons. First, so you can adjust the timing to best fit your business, and secondly, so you can maximize this once‐in‐a‐year phenomenon. For example, in March, target your top customers and in April, engage your most valuable Lost Customers. Your Coach can help you come up with a plan to suit your needs.

Guaranteed Results

No matter what industry or who you target, the results speak for themselves.

Auto Repair

Generated $98,508.25 in Sales ROI of $158 to $1!


Generated $32,090.84 in Sales ROI of $122 to $1.


Sent to just 98 members… Generated $5,957.25 in
Sales ROI of $53 to $1

Lost Reactivation

With an offer of $11.32 Off… Generated $15,977.47 in Sales Reactivated 228 Lost Members