One, Two, Three Types Of Customers Connections

So now we understand the importance of providing a memorable customer experience, (if you have not already read the previous article “Is Your Business Like A Leaky Bucket?” we suggest you do so before continuing.) how Relationship Marketing helps us do that, and we’ve even seen real-life examples from other Royalty Rewards® Merchants. Next, let’s look at the TYPES of connections you and your team can incorporate into your customer experience. (On that note, we encourage you to share this with your team. They should understand all the facets of the customer relationship and how they can impact them.)




What is it? A feeling of alignment, a connection or bond on a deeper level.

What is it? Best to experience it. Do a complete walk-through and audit all the ways customers experience your business with their senses.

What is it? Feeling close and connected to others, a feeling of community.

 – Engage your customer, learn about their family, their interests, their Milestones.

 – Touch – Comfortable chairs, high quality materials, table height, sturdiness, worn edges or materials, sticky floors.

 – Engage and encourage customers to interact with each other AND with you.

 – Tell customers about you! Tell them about your weekend trip, or your favorite food, or whatever it is that will pull back the curtain.

 – Sight – Appropriate lighting, glare reduction, surrounding colors, clutter, organization, debris/garbage.

 – Hold community events, bringing together groups of people and creating relationships. 

 – Recognize and reward their value! You’re already doing a great job with your Rewards Program. But, what else can you do to reward
their patronage?

 – Sound – Appropriate type and level of music, background noises, team voices/sounds from work areas.

 – Use email on-demand and work with your Coach to build regular email communications.

 – When problems arise, apologize, and make things right – be humble and genuine.

 – Smell -Dirty bathrooms, overflowing garbage, other overpowering smells.

 – Create video content and use all your social media platforms.

 – Taste – If you’re a restaurant, this applies significantly. For other businesses, can we quench thirst with a water or coffee station? Or a candy jar?

 – Use the membership appreciation survey to gather feedback and make changes suggested by customers.

 – Promote engagement with your social media accounts by holding fun contests, encouraging comments and interaction on your pages.

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Put Your Coach To Work. Member Segment Stars are displayed on your printed Royalty Rewards® Campaigns and can help your team identify who your best customers are. If you aren’t already using them, ask your Coach about them. Another great way to reward your BEST Reward Members is with an exclusive GOLD VIP designation, by giving them some additional perks (which can be as simple as 1.5 points per dollar instead of 1). Ask your Coach for details.